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Akkim Construction Chemicals Inc, we are among the most reputable enterprises in Turkey and the market we operate. ​

Our existence within the ‘biggest five hundred industrial enterprises’ verifies our argument of being one of the substantial cornerstones of Turkey’s economy.

We are endeavoring with the vision of ‘gaining permanent advantages by creating distinctions’ in order to fulfill our responsibilities. We proceed with producing added value for the economy of our country.

We pursue our journey at full pace that we have embarked upon in 2001. We have accomplished substantial achievements in previous years. Undoubtedly, the main architectures of this success are our employees, suppliers, public stakeholders, dealers and distributors.

Economies in the entire world rapidly undergo changes. The main factor shaping this change is the advancements in technology and nevertheless emerging new business models. Especially the innovations in communication technologies substantially removed the boundaries between the manufacturer and the consumer. Countries are way more transparent and fragile in the competition between the enterprises and individuals.

Factors more valuable than conventional cost elements for the entire industries have emerged accordingly. In new economy concept, ‘information competition’ started to be the foundation of cost competition.

While the entire world discusses 4th industrial revolution concept, we are aware of our incumbent responsibility in order for Turkey to accomplish substantial success stories in this field.

We, as Akkim, act with this conscious.

We shall proceed with writing more appealing success stories in every business we perform and in every sector we operate as constantly being ‘pioneer’ and ‘example’ through our innovate culture and operational excellence approach.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our employees, suppliers, public stakeholders, customers, dealers and distributors provided full support to us and I believe that their support shall increasingly continue in the future. ​

Hazreti Akdemir
Chairman of the Board


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